Several local businesses support our work either through donations or referrals. We are extremely grateful to these organisations for their ongoing support.

Should you be interested in including us in your CSR activities please get in touch.

We are also grateful for the support we receive from North Yorkshire Council.


If your organisation works in an official capacity with people in need, you may find it useful to be able to refer them to us, so that we can register them.

As Essential Needs is now open to everyone, if your clients are on low income, being registered is important. Registered customers are our priority and can purchase items at significantly reduced prices. They can also purchase items only available to them, such as electrical appliances.

If you haven’t worked with Essential Needs before please get in touch to discuss.

If you have worked with Essential Needs previously please complete the referral form for your client and send it back to us via post, email or in person via your client. On receipt of the referral form, we will issue the customer with a registration card which is valid for six months. At the end of that period, we will either require another referral form or customers can re-register themselves.